The emergence of Niche magazine, a contemporary iteration of Ray Gun, presents an opportunity to cater to a specific subset of music enthusiasts who view musical knowledge as a form of activism. These individuals are deeply invested in long-form content, the history of music, and the discovery of underground artists, all while maintaining a passion for collecting vinyl records.


In designing Niche magazine, the focus was on capturing the multifaceted nature of the music industry and the diverse interests of its target audience. Drawing inspiration from the edgy and provocative style of Ray Gun magazine, as well as the glamorous atmosphere of Studio 54, the magazine's design reflects an underground-glam aesthetic.


This aesthetic seamlessly fuses rebellious attitudes with refined elegance, crafting a visually striking publication. The magazine's distinct amalgamation of underground aesthetics and refined glamour effectively pushes boundaries, challenging expectations and norms.

Front and back covers of a magazine designed for music enthusiasts
Front cover of a magazine designed for music enthusiasts
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