Repurpose an abandoned Montmartre townhouse into an upmarket 10-room boutique hotel. Located within a vibrant historic and highly competitive district, this endeavor presents an opportunity to create a distinguished destination for affluent travelers seeking an immersive and exclusive French experience. 


Through thorough historical research, we've unearthed a pivotal moment in Parisian culture - the creative resurgence of the late 1940s, where creativity flourished and the arts took center stage. This era, characterized by the iconic emergence of the Parisian lifestyle, epitomized by Christian Dior's groundbreaking debut in fashion with the Corolle skirt, exudes the essence of Parisian elegance and refinement. Drawing inspiration from this rich heritage, we have meticulously curated the brand concept for La Corolle Montmartre Hotel. The Corolle, inspired by the tender petals of a flower and originating from the Latin word for 'crown,' weaves a captivating visual story, reflecting our dedication to delivering guests an authentic and opulent Parisian experience.


We skillfully blended Parisian heritage and craftsmanship to forge an identity that seamlessly marries modernity with tradition, all while preserving the esteemed name of Yves Baudrier, the allure of Montmartre, and the enchantment of Paris. Infused with movement and a touch of whimsy, our approach evokes a sense of nostalgia while embracing the vibrancy of contemporary Parisian life. Guided by this vision, we meticulously reimagined the layouts of written content and curated visual imagery to evoke a timeless allure, imbuing each customer touchpoint — from the website and social media platforms to print publications — with the enchanting motif of the corolla. Our goal was to ensure a cohesive brand experience that captivates and delights at every interaction.

A billboard design showcasing the many ways a traveller can enjoy La Corolle hotel
Mobile and Website design for a hotel branding project
Social media content design for a hotel branding project
Business cards design for a hotel branding project
Welcome card for a hotel branding project
Magazine design with a sculpted corolla on the cover
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