who we are

Based in Brooklyn with roots in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, we bring a unique cultural perspective to the work we do.

As such, we are dedicated to decoding cultural nuances to create delightful visual experiences that result in conversions.

We love experimenting, are courageous, and empathy is at the core of who we are and our methodology.

Every brief that lands at Wilden Oche gives us an opportunity to use our curiosity to question previously taken paths, search for new meanings, and bring forth defining expressions that, in one way or another, elicit emotions, provide the unexpected, and mark the way forward.

We are radical about the quality of our efforts and relentlessly pursue the delight of our clients, as we take equal pride in the craftswomanship of our work and the relationships we nurture.

Our Founder

A photo of Wilden Oche's founder, Fatima Bocoum wearing a white dress, seated, and smiling
Fatima Bocoum is a leading marketer, curator and women's and girls’ rights activist based in Brooklyn. Her journey began in China and traversed through Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Mali before finding a new chapter in the United States, where she studied art history, Communications & new technologies, and design.

She amassed over a decade of business experience, serving as Director of Marketing and Product Owner for Fortune 50 companies and category leaders in the tech and financial services sectors. This extensive background enabled her to collaborate with prestigious organizations such as Conde Nast, David Yurman, LVMH, American Express Global Travel, and Virgin Voyages.

fueled by the stark gender inequality she witnessed during her upbringing, Fatima developed a deep-seated desire for a more equitable world. Drawing upon her curatorial expertise, she empowers women and girls in Africa through impactful art exhibitions. Her mission extends beyond mere showcases, aiming to foster conversations about the evolving societal dynamics surrounding women and girls in developing countries.

Our Philosophy

We champion a world driven by purpose, where leaders are empowered to thrive, grow, and manifest their visions regardless of scale. Within this ethos, the central commitment lies in the act of creation.

Guided by our threefold philosophy, the name Wilden Oche embodies the essence of daring courage essential for visionary trust, drawing inspiration from the wild and the will. Den represents the natural rhythm of exploration, strategy, design, and execution, encouraging focused creativity as a conduit for expression. Oche symbolizes the acquired knowledge, the freeing sigh of the wind that inspires life within creative notions.

The essence of Wilden Oche can be encapsulated in one word: intentionality.

We do not pursue trends; we shape them. We do not follow; we forge paths. In our pursuit, we are the wind that ignites change.